Claims for Unfair Dismissal Soar due to Impending Law Reform

In recent years claims for unfair dismissal have risen significantly, and this trend has seen a steep rise in numbers recently – up to a 44% rise.  Employees who think they have been the victims of unfair dismissal now rush to bring in their claims before new Government measures, which aim to make it easier to dismiss workers who have been underperforming, come into force. The Tribunal Service has shown statistics that state in the quarter to September 2012 there was 15,300 claims compared to 10,600 in the three months to June.

The proposal that will take effect soon will mean that anyone wishing to bring a claim under unfair dismissal will have to pay a £250.00 fee to make a claim, plus a further £950.00 if the claim was to go to court.  Prior to this proposal taking effect, it was free to make a claim.

One other proposal is that will see successful claims be capped at one years’ salary or roughly £74,200, whichever is lower in terms of money.

These are all parts of government planned legislation to make it more difficult for unhappy workers to bring the claims against employers in an attempt to unburden the currently busy system from “spurious claims”.

In The Telegraph Jon Taylor explained: “There will have been a spike in very light weight claims for unfair dismissal… The incoming changes increase the incentive for sacked employees to launch a free; unfair dismissal claim now; some people will be trying their luck when they still can.”