Internet, email & other policies

The correct employment policies are an essential part of employee management.  In theory, employment policies will be drawn up to overcome any key issue that is likely to arise in the work place.

Internet use & email policies

For many businesses, the role that the internet and email are playing is increasing.  Policies should be put in place to make sure that employees use the internet and email as efficiently as possible.  A possible idea could be to block access to social networking sites and video sharing sites on all computers that are used at work. It is also advisable to include internet policies that reduce security risks, for an example, only allowing authorised employees to download and install software. Internet and email policies should also take steps to prevent any potential legal disputes. For example, employees must be aware they are not allowed to infringe other people’s copyrighted material, or use email to harass or defame anyone, including work colleagues.

Other policies

Most businesses will also have other policies, such as health & safety policies. These policies would be put into place to keep all employees safe at work and minimise risks from thing such as spillages, wires and sharp objects. A smoking policy is legally required. Employees must have a designated area where they employees can smoke, which is outside of the building/business premises.  Policies may also be driven by issues of practicality. An example of this is with employee expenses. Although in this case, it is up to the employer what rules they want to have in place, some policies such as those on sick pay must meet the minimum statutory requirements the employee is entitled to.

When drawing up policies that are legally required, it is advisable for an employer take seek legal aid to make sure that their policies are satisfying legal requirements.